Hello There!

My name is Alexander "AJ" Wray.

Welcome to my small corner on the internet. On this site you will find more on my experiences, my perspectives, and my passions. Since I was young, theatre has been a place of creative wonder. Transforming a script of characters and places in an imaginative way requires thinking beyond the singular. Moving from on stage, to backstage, to direction - I have gained an appreciation for all the intricate details in a beautiful performance. Theatre is a hobby now, but the skills I carry through to my professional life. I love to seek out complex policy and research problems - honing in on their minute details and dissecting the underlying systems to enact change. These problems tend to be in the area of healthy communities - with an emphasis on parks, food, and youth wellbeing. In a rapidly urbanizing Canada and broader world, understanding how communities are built and function is more important than ever to addressing current public health challenges.

I am currently a Canada Graduate Scholar based at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, working towards a doctorate in geography and environment. I hold a masters from Western University in geography, and an undergraduate degree in planning from the University of Waterloo. Beyond research, I am an avid cyclist and love to ski in the winter time. I am a Jurassic Park nerd, PC and board gamer, and appreciate the finer points of wine and whisky. I also give back to my community as President of the Town and Gown Association of Ontario.

So feel free to drop me a note. I am always looking for new adventures, new friends, and new challenges.