Healthy Thriving Vibrant Communities

My name is Alexander "AJ" Wray.

I am a community planner and geographer that works towards building healthy, thriving, and vibrant communities.

I seek out complex policy and research challenges - triangulating their details and dissecting the underlying processes so as to enact change. Techniques from the fields of impact assessment and geographic information sciences cuts across my praxis. The challenges I tend to focus on are in the area of healthy communities - with an emphasis on housing, parks, food, and youth wellbeing. In a rapidly urbanizing Canada and broader world, understanding how communities are built, maintained, and function is more important than ever to addressing current affordability, public health, and climate challenges.

I am a Canada Graduate Scholar, Sport Canada Research Fellow, and Salzburg Global Seminar Fellow in the World Urban Parks' Emerging Urban Leaders program. I am currently based at The University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, working towards a Doctorate in Geography and Environment. I hold a Masters from Western in geography, and an Undergraduate in Planning and Diploma in Environmental Assessment from the University of Waterloo. In addition to my studies, I am currently working towards my Registered Professional Planner designation. I give back to my community as President of the Town and Gown Association of Ontario and on the Board of the International Town and Gown Association. Beyond research and practice, I am a recreational cyclist, relaxed fisherman, and avid downhill skier in the winter time. I am a Jurassic Park fan, PC and board gamer, and appreciate the finer points of wine and whisky. 

Feel free to drop me a note. I am always looking for new adventures, new friends, and new challenges.

Badge for being a Candidate Member of the Ontario Professional Planners Institute
Badge for being a Candidate Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners